I am a computational neuroscientist based in Prague, Czechia at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University.

The goal of my research is to identify computations implemented in the neural system that underly our sensory perception. To that end, my group builds models of visual system at various levels of abstraction using variety of computational techniques including, but not limited to, machine learning and large-scale biophysical neural simulations. Through confrontation of these models with the biological data we further our understanding of visual processing and drive future experiments towards most informative questions.

We collaborate closely with the experimental group of Yves Frégnac, the theoretical group of Alain Destexhe and the neuroinformatics group of Andrew Davison at NeuroPSI, CNRS, France as well as experimental group of Frédéric Chavane at the Timone Neuroscience Institute, Marseille.


Ján Antolík
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University in Prague
Malostranské nám. 25
118 00 Prague
email: antolikjan[at]gmail.com

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