NAIL088: Informatics and Cognitive Science 2


This course gives an introduction into computational neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The second term will focus primarily on visual system, computational modelling, memory systems, spatial cognition, motor systems, but neural and behavioral learning will also be covered. Starting from school year of 2017/2018 this lecture is given in English.


The EXTRA lectures given by our INVITED GUEST, Kamil Vlcek from the Department of Neurophysiology of Memory of The Czech Academy of Sciences will take place: – 17th April (17:20 – 18:50) and – 24th April (17:20 – 18:50); both times in S6. We hope you will come all! :) If you cannot attend, please drop us an email (We know about one of you who cannot make it 17th).

The anatomical TEST will be organized 3rd April from 12:20 to approx. 12:50. Thereafter, the regular lecture should continue.

The second term of the test (in case you cannot attend the first one) is to be discussed; We propose 10th April from 12:20 to approx. 12:50. The lecture will start as usually (12:20).

Lecture overview and slides

27.2.    Sub-cortical vision, color, binocularity    slides    (intro)
6.3.    Medium-to-high level vision    slides
13.3.    Development and learning    slides
20.3.    Computational modelling: system identification    slides
27.3.    Computational modelling: dynamical modelling    slides
3.4.    Buffer (test)  
10.4.    Motorika I  
17.4.    Hippocampus I  
24.4.    Hippocampus II  
15.5.    Learning  
22.5.    Cognitive theories of multimedia learning